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Pet portraits Jacksonville Fl, Dog family
Family Photo of Mother and Children Jax, FL
Family Photo Shoot With The Dog Jacksonville Florida
Dad & Doggy Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead Photography
Family Cousins Photo Shoot Jacksonville Photographers
Family Multigenerations Photo Shoot Jax, FL
Mother Daughter Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead Photo
Family Photo Shoot in Studio Jacksonville, FL
Grandma and Granddaughter Photo Shoot Jacksonville
Family Photo with Dogs JAX, FL
Siblings Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead Photography
Family of Five Photo Shoot Jax, FL
Mom And Daughter In Studio for Photo Shoot
Cutest Family Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead
Family Photo Shoot with Dog Christy Whitehead JAX
Family Portrait Photo Shoot JAX Florida
Family photo Shoot Jacksonville Florida
Mother Daughter Photo Shoot Jacksonville, FL
Little Brothers Photo Shoot Jacksonville Florida
Couple Family Photo Jacksonville, FL
Mom And Baby Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead Photography
Grandpa and Grandma Photo Shoot Florida


Don’t wait until next year, or after you’ve lost that 15 pounds, make a commitment to your family to record this moment now--the good and the bad. Then, as things change, record those moments too. The new family members, the weight loss, the first missing tooth.

You'll never regret taking the photo, but may regret not taking them.

It still amazes me how quickly sleepy newborn yawns turn into unsteady toddles on chubby little legs.Or the way fingers that were once wrapped around our own are grasping their first pencil, then a diploma, and all too quickly, it’s the tiny toddler fingers of their own child.

There are so much about my kids that I want to photograph and preserve so that I don’t forget the details while carving out each new day.

It’s one of the reasons I work so closely with my clients to make sure each session is a reflection of them, whether we’re in the studio or on location. Photography is like my super power, it lets me freeze time for a moment or two.

I can not say enough great things about this photographer. Christy is very professional, great with kids, large families, has great creative ideas and affordable. I would recommend her for all photography needs. --The Young Family

Family and/or children's portraits may include:

  • Family all together
  • Individual parents with children
  • Children together
  • Children individually
  • Special groupings
  • OR 3 outfits of just one child

Standard portrait sessions are $299 and include $100 in print credit.

I am very fortunate to have found this amazing photographer. Thanks, Christy!!!! As my husband puts it to everyone he talks to about Christy and her work: "She's amazing. She puts you at ease and makes the picture taking experience easy and fun. You get amazing results every time".

--Sarah A.

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