Little Brothers Photo Shoot Jacksonville Florida

Little Brothers Photo Shoot Jacksonville Florida

6 Photos Every Parent Needs of Their Child

Having a child is one of the best experiences life can give you. But those moments pass so quickly, which is why it’s so important to cherish every little moment and milestone.

For parents, photography is a saving grace since it’s the one thing that helps them capture and preserve some of their favorite moments in the lives of their children. Below is a list of photos that you definitely don’t want to miss out on as a parent.

1. The newborn shoot. You will never get this time back again so capture every little bit of it. That first year of life, babies change EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is truly amazing. Capture your baby as they dose or grab a shot of those tiny little feet. You can even snap a photo of them in that cute little onesie that grandma bought him.

2. The family shoot. Capture the time when your little one loves to play, is walking around and loves to cuddle with mom and dad. Our family makes sure to get at least one family portrait every year in September when we do my daughter’s birthday photos.

3. The birthday parties. Every birthday is a milestone but their first birthday party is definitely one of the most special, don’t miss out on that photo opportunity. Most babies don’t like cake as they aren’t used to the mess and sugar, so consider something like spaghetti or fruit for a smash session.

4. The first day of school. There are so many cute photo ideas for this specific time in their lives and there will be several first day of school opportunities for you to take advantage of. First day comparison photos are so cute to see how much they’ve grown from one year to the next.

5. The sibling shoot. If you’re adding a new member to the family, getting some shots with all your children together is a must. I love having the little ones in no shirts with just blue jeans and bare toes showing.

6. The holiday shoot. Whether it’s for your yearly holiday card or you simply love celebrating holidays surrounded by your loved ones, holiday shots are up there with the have-to-haves.

If you can’t resist any of the above options but you don’t feel the need to have a full photo session for each of them, you can always opt for mini sessions, which are affordable and give you a handful of amazing images to treasure.