Before The Session

Contact the studio and let us know what type of session you are interested in. We will send you an email with a link to pick your package, sign the contract and pay your non-refundable retainer.

The retainer guarantees the time and date allotted for you. The remainder of the balance is due the day of the session.

If the session must be rescheduled (up to two times), the session must take place within 6 months of the date the contract was signed. If it does not, then a new contract must be signed, and a new retainer/session fee must be paid at current pricing. Product pricing will also be the newer pricing, if it has changed.
Of course!

For most sessions, I have no problem coming to your location. For the Jacksonville area there is minimum purchase for on location.

I do not travel to a home for newborn sessions though.
Depending on the type of session you are having the outfit may vary.

For family sessions, I recommend coordinating but not being matchy matchy. Avoid the white shirts and blue jeans look as well.

Aquas and pinks look great at the beach.

I love earth tones like navy blue for sessions in the flower fields.
Clothes that bring out the color in your eyes are always a good idea if you have blue or green eyes.

Blues are usually a safe bet in general and flattering to all skin tones.

Contact us to book a complimentary consultation.
Of course! We want you to be comfortable with your session and everything to be exactly how you want it.

We offer complimentary consultations (in studio, by email or phone) prior to your session to discuss sets/looks, outfits and other useful information so you will have the best possible shoot possible. Book an in studio consultation here.
The retainer holds your spot and helps guard against no shows. As long as you show up to your session, this goes towards your balance.

For example, if your session is $300, you'll pay $100 for a retainer and your balance of $200 will be due by your session date.

During Your Session

No. I prefer you to be in the moment and be present for your and/or your child's session. This is not only for the safety of everyone involved but also so that adults and children know exactly which camera to look at.

Also, our studio has built these sessions and created these looks for you, out of respect for the creative process, please don't photograph the session.

In some situations, like cake smashes, we may be filming it, let us know if you'd definitely like us to do that.

You may be asked once to put a phone or camera away. If it is brought out again, the session may end early with no refund. Please respect the photographer's time and talent.

Print & Ordering Questions

When you come in for your Ordering Appointment, you will use that credit towards your purchase.

Let's say you have chosen $500 in wall art and have $100 in Print Credit, when you order, that $100 credit will be taken off your balance. So you will owe $400 instead of the full amount.

The reason we do it this way is if we included certain sizes automatically, you may not need or want the size given. The credit allows you to pick out what you want.

When you send me an email to book, I will respond with information, including an attachment of my current product pricing catalog.

Immediately after your session, I will also give you a hard copy of the product pricing.

Please note that we offer special packages during the Ordering Appointment and you may get your digitals greatly discounted or free during the Ordering Appointment, depending on what you order.

Most of our clients spend between $500-2500 at their Ordering Appointment.

NOTE: When you purchase a package deal of multiple sessions, your product pricing remains the same and does not go up, as long as you use your sessions during their designated time frame. (For Watch Me Grow plan participants, after the first year, product pricing may change.)

Here is a product catalog, please contact us for the most up to date info. Product Pricing Catalog

ONLY bring those that will be making a financial commitment to your session. Bringing too many people can make too many opinions and make things harder to pick from.

Also, if you need your spouse on site to make a large purchase, please make sure they are there.

There will be an additional $100 fee to set up a secondary Ordering Appointment if you don't make a purchase at the first one as we will have to set aside another booking date and time slot for you.
After your session, it will take aprx. 3-6 weeks for your prints and wall art to come in. They may be in sooner, or later, depending on if there were any errors from the lab.

Once paid for, digitals are usually ready within a week. They will be emailed to you via a link.

Once your order is in, we will contact you by email to set up a convenient time for your art to be picked up.
Many of our items come from multiple labs. To reduce costs and to also guarantee quality, all items are shipped to the studio. This allows us to thoroughly inspect each item to make sure nothing is missing or damaged. If it is, we'll order or fix it right away.

If by chance, you need it mailed to you, you will be responsible for shipping costs, which start at $10. If there is a problem with an order, you MUST notify the studio within 7 days with photos of the issue so that we may get it resolved.

If you would like your items shipped, please let us know at the Ordering Appointment.
Print credits do not have a cash value. This is a credit towards an order if you so choose to purchase anything that is included with your package/session. The print credit cannot be given back as cash if you choose not to place an order. Your credit cannot be transferred to anyone else and is good for the session with which it was purchased.
This is technically copyright infringement. Walmart and other stores would be breaking the law by allowing you to do so.

If you buy the digitals, you have the right to print from those digitals for personal use.

All images are legally, by default, copyrighted to the photographer, Christy Whitehead. It is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy, or reproduce the photographer’s work in any manner or medium and punishable by law with fines starting at $150,000.

Due to the custom nature of each session, all sales are final. As per your receipt, which you signed at your Ordering Appointment. Any payments made on a payment plan are non refundable if you choose to cancel your order before it is paid off, as many items may already be ordered or started.
All of our packages include the photographer’s time and talent as well as artistic editing and retouching of your images.

Acne, bruises, stretch marks are all edited out at no additional charge.

Most packages include $100 towards your purchase at your Ordering Appointment. Digitals and wall art are sold separately.
This is where you come back in to view your images on our large screen and select your favorites.

At your Ordering Appointment, Christy will walk you through sizes and help you pick the right images for your walls, your desk at work and to give as gifts to family.

Each session typically includes a print credit. Instead of Christy telling you how many 8x10s and wallets you will get, she wants you to choose what would work best for your needs. During your ordering session, you choose whatever sizes, quantities and types of images you want and your print credit will be taken off your total.
Our Ordering Appointments are meant for ordering and not just for viewing the images. We suggest only booking an Ordering Appointment when you are ready to commit to ordering.

If you attend the Ordering Appointment and do not place an order and need to book a new Ordering Appointment, you will lose your $100 in print credit, as this is a second appointment we will have to block off the calendar. So please, come prepared for your Ordering Appointment.
I completely understand where you are coming from. Every single digital you purchase is completely retouched so that you will get the best possibly image.

Our studio values the printed product--which can't be easily lost or destroyed on a computer. You may buy the digitals by themselves. However, we offer heavily discounted digitals when you purchase wall art.

We also offer complimentary watermarked social media files of all printed images you purchase.


I deliver digitals typically within 1-7 days after the session. Sometimes they need a little extra retouching. I will deliver them to your email box via a link to download them, unless otherwise stated.

While on our website, there is an option in the Menu that says "FOR CLIENTS" that will also take you to the online galleries, if you lose your email link.

Most headshot clients get their images back same day.
We do not guarantee to have your photos longer than 90 days (if you are on a payment plan, they'll stay on file until at least the order is placed).

If your images are important to you, we highly recommend you purchasing the digitals, at the very least the 8x10 size.

It is your responsibility to back your images up onto multiple source to guard against loss. Once they have been delivered, our studio is no longer liable for your images.

Note: If you have Amazon Prime, they have free storage space for personal images, I would suggest something like that or Dropbox.
RAW and unedited images are not available for viewing or for sale. Part of the service you are paying for is our artistic edits. Providing raw files opens photographers up to legal liability and is not a good way to do business.

In corporate situations, we may be open to raw images being delivered, if discussed prior to booking.
Our studio can not be held responsible of the quality of prints from third party printers, like: home printers, Walmart, Walgreens, Sams, etc. Many times, their printers are not calibrated correctly.

I order all products through a professional lab that is calibrated and control the quality of the final product. These labs are used to dealing with professional photographers and understand quality, not mass production (which is what a box store specializes in).
The colors that show on the prints may not match the way the photos look on your computer or phone screen, resulting in darker, brighter or images that don't color match.

Our studio computer screens are calibrated every couple of months using a professional calibrator. This ensures correct coloring for printing, however, photos and other computer may not be calibrated and may make them look different.

We cannot be held accountable for images on your screen that don't match our prints.

Laptops are especially notorious for looking inaccurate even at different angles of viewing.

Other Questions

All wall art is automatically retouched. Digitals and small prints have basic airbrushing--skin smoothing, teeth and eyes whitened as need be, scratches and bruises removed.

Special edits may require an additional fee. For example the removal or braces.

Typically no, unless they are images you've already purchased and you might need more.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. If you would like to receive your products faster, full payment is accepted by credit card, check (10 day waiting period) or cash.

To start your payment plan, we will decide on the number of payments and what day of the month you would like to be billed. You will need to put some money down during your Ordering Session, to start the payment plan.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for products to arrive, once your payment has been paid in full.

Session Fees. If you want a portrait for your birthday next year, you can book now and we'll set you up on a payment plan.

Products and Digitals. When you come in for your Ordering Appointment you may set up a payment plan for however long you need up to six months. Please note, no products or digitals are given until paid in full.

Watch Me Grow Plans. If you are on a Watch Me Grow plan for your child (newborn-first year) we'll automatically set up a payment plan for the first year, with final payment being due aprx. 11 months after birth.

Please note, that we often have bonus items for those who pay in full.
We have several ways to offer financing so that you may get your order quicker.

One method is Paypal credit, which typically has 90 days or 6 months, same as cash. There may be a minimum order for this type of financing.

Do you do....

I do not shoot weddings. Message me though and I'll send you over a referral for some good ones!

If you need a cool car for your exit vehicle, I CAN help you with that.
I do not. I DO photograph pregnancies and newborns.

Upon request, I can give you some recommendations for some if you message me.

TIP: I would not recommend hiring a birth photographer that also does weddings, what if you go into labor while they are at a wedding?
There are different types of sexy photo photographers--pin up (a little more vintage), boudoir (more modern, usually in your bedroom or at the studio, but not on a paper backdrop), etc. They should know how to pose women to make sure their best assets show and hide the things you are self conscious about. I can refer you to someone who does though, just ask!
No. You need to have a license to run a drone for business purposes. Ask before you hire someone.
I do not.
I only shoot buildings that are related to a corporate or office shoot. I don't shoot homes. If you need a real estate photographer, I'd be happy to refer you to someone.

However, I photograph realtors all the time! If you need a new headshot, let me know!

For more information and how to get a maternity session, professional headshot, or family portrait please contact me directly (904) 891-0359.