Family Photo Shoot with Dog Christy Whitehead JAX

Family Photo Shoot with Dog Christy Whitehead JAX

By now most people know the sentimental and historical value of a photograph. It's a catalog of our families history. It's a reminder how we once were. But there is another amazing and powerful component to family photography.

It can help us raise more confident children who are secure in their worth and their place in our family. This is something that has been proven by psychologist and expert.

In 1975 a study was conducted with a group of 4th graders by Tulane University. During a 5 week span, the children were provided cameras to photograph themselves in various states of emotion to scrapbook. Testing concluded that at the end of the 5 weeks there was a significant increase in the children's self esteem.

David Krauss, a psychologist believe that "It is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so important that children see themselves as a valued and important part of the family unity."

Psychologist and art therapist Judy Weiser Photography claims that photography let's children learn who they are and where they fit. It shows children why they're here and where they come from on an emotional level. It also shows them the uniqueness of their families story.

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