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I get a lot of emails asking for advice on a ton of topics. Usually packages, IPS or how to pull off a certain pose/look.

I used to go to lunch with photographers, but they would pick my brain for like 3-4 hours and I wouldn't get any work done that day.

I have found that for most people, just some one-on-one mentoring is the best way to go.

Do you need advice or feedback about your pricing? Curious how a session looks/goes for me? Want to watch a sales session? No problem.

Client/Photographer Student Example

Rachel got into photography this last year and immediately started mentoring with me. She helped with photo shoots and sat through a sales session. She was shocked. She didn't think that she could actually make any money. I showed her what to say and what to do. She did a photo shoot at a park and then came in to do the sales session at my studio, while I sat there with her. This not only meant I could help her with the software she was still learning to use, but help her pick the right words to say to the client.

The client paid $200 for the session. She turned it into an $800 sales session, making $1,000 total:

I took Christy’s IPS class last year and was shocked at how much money I have been leaving on the table by not selling in person. Christy’s IPS class was very eye opening. She did a great job explaining sales tactics and the psychology behind the in-person sales process, as well as what types of software to use and how to showcase sample products to maximize sales. She walked me through a mock sales session and even attended and coached me through my first IPS session. Because of her help, that session went from a $200 shoot-and-burn sale to an $800 IPS sale. I would highly recommend her class as it has made a phenomenal difference in my photography sales.

--Rachel, Summer Dreams Photography

Private Mentoring on Any Topic

If you need just private, sit down mentoring where I look over your website, marketing materials, pricing, maybe do a mock sales session, or help you understand photography or studio lighting better, this is $200 an hour. Three hours is $500.

Hands on In Person Sales Help

You want to make a living doing photography? This is how you turn $200 sales into $800+ and not burn yourself out.

I take about 6 weeks of vacation every year. I work around my children's schedule and pay for full time childcare. Yes, my husband has a job, but my income helps pay the bills. We went from owing $30K+ between credit cards and cars to being debt free in less than two years, because of MY income. All while paying for the studio (which costs me more than my house mortgage!) This is a business, you don't get sick time or retirement, let me help you price yourself to make a living!

Both options below, but if you do Option A, you're likely to make your money back on the mentoring and then some on that sale that I'm going to help you with! It really is a nice deal.

Option A:

This is most ideal for those who really want to see how it's done from start to finish.

Assist me with a session.

See first hand how I photograph a session.

Sit through the client's sales appointment and listen to how it's done.

Get hands on help with in person sales and guidance.

Go do your OWN session and then use my sales room (you can use my pricing sheets if you need to) while I sit with you and help you during the sale:

(Three-four days over a month period):$999.

Option B:

Assist me with a session

Sit through the client's sales appointment and listen to how it's done.

(Two days over a two week period): $750

NOTE: Portrait sessions last from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the client and type of session. Sales sessions last from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the client. Let me know the type of client you're interested in and I'll try to get you in with that type of session.

PLEASE NOTE: My clients are very important to me. I will only do the IPS mentoring if I feel that my client is ok with you being there and you understand that you are there representing me.

Option C:

Photography mentoring. Need help with posing, props, etc. Contact me for rates, info, etc.

Have you gotten this In Person Sales thing figured out but just want to use my sales room? No problem. Shoot me an email. Let's chat.

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