Family photo Shoot Jacksonville Florida

Family photo Shoot Jacksonville Florida

We have talked about how often you should update your family portrait and discovered that it's really determind by where your family is at in life. Whether you're still expanding, going through the school years, about to be empty nesters, welcoming your first child or grandchild. All of these moments in life play a role in whether or not you need an updated family portrait. Here are 10 definitive moments in life that call for an updated family portrait.

5 Moments in Life that Call For An Updated Family Portrait

  1. Weddings. Weddings a great time to take updated family portraits. Chances are your wedding photographer has set aside time specifically for this!
  2. The pregnancy or birth of a child. Maternity and newborn packages are a great way to capture your family as they are before the change, and then everyone together again with the newest member of the family.
  3. First birthdays! That first year of life is a whirlwind of growth and change. Chances are the last time you had a family portrait was when your baby was a newborn. Now is a great time to document their growth and update the family portrait.
  4. When your child graduates highschool, otherwise known as senior portraits. Senior portraits have become a right of passage for many students about to embark on their journey through adulthood. For most families, this means sending a child off to college. Now is a great time to get a photo of everyone together before life takes them in different directions.
  5. Family reunions. Family reunions are a great time to take an update family portrait, whether it's an extended multigeneration photo or you just have the immediate family home for the holidays.

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