Different Kinds of Headshots– Corporate Photographer, Jacksonville

Are you needing head shots of your employees or maybe all the executives in your company? Most companies need updated portraits, but often aren’t sure exactly what they need.

I did a session with Michael recently to update some business portraits for him and I thought I would share a couple of variations and their uses.

The above two shots are very common requests.

The left image is what I do for many companies who just need something quick for each employee. These types of shots are typically great for email signatures, ID badges, etc. It might also get used in casual usages and ads.

A horizontal head and shoulders is also a popular option for this type of headshot. 

I saw the above image on Pinterest. I wish I knew who created it. But it has some interesting information to think about as well for a standard headshot.

Three-Quarter Length Stance

The right is a little more formal and it crops down to about the waist. Not only does his outfit imply it’s a little more formal, but also because it shows more of his body. These types of portraits are more ideal for managers, relators, job seekers, etc. If you want an employee to stand out a little more, this option might be good.


The above example doesn’t show the seated example as good as say the next image, but he is seated. I like how it pulls him forward and makes him feel more inviting.

Seated poses definitely feel more warm and personable. They also usually give the person somewhere to put their hands, something to do.

However, it’s not appropriate for all portraits, if it’s done wrong it can make the person look bigger or frumpy in the mid section.

Full body

Occasionally, I get a request for a full body. And Michael had on red shoes, so I HAD to include those as it shows off part of his personality.

For executives and owners of a company, this is can be a good option. It can also be cropped in at waist level for a secondary look or use. These might be used for an annual report, or for a full portrait for the wall.

Environmental Portraits

There’s an image up a little higher where you can see a window behind Michael. That’s another “environmental” type portrait.

These can be done in your office, outside or on location somewhere. They help to show off the personality of you and your business.

For realtors this might mean near a house. The brick wall is popular.

A lawyer might use a library, or their desk.

If your office has great big windows or great architecture, those are all great places for this type of shot.

These usually are a little more custom and aren’t as ideal for name tags, or a large company with a 1,000 employees.

These are often used for formal portraits or prints to hang on the wall since they often have that extra bit of color or personality.


Christy Whitehead photography has travelled all over the US photographing employees and executives for news publications as well as internal use (uniform manuals, websites, etc). She has photographed companies that have one employee as well as those with multiple locations and 1,500 employees.

Email her to set up your own custom quote.