LOCAL BUSINESS: Latch On Jacksonville

Today we’re featuring car seat expert Samantha Kastelz and her business Latch On Jacksonville. If you are having a child or just want to make sure you’re car seat is installed safely, I HIGHLY recommend giving Samantha a call!

What do you specialize in: Child Passenger Safety, Car seat Safety, CPST

When did you open: During National Child Passenger Safety Week in September 2020

How did you get interested in this line of work? I became a CPST after having my son, though car seat safety was important to me before having my daughter. I was t-boned in a car accident in October 2013 and still suffer side effects today. When I was pregnant w­­ith my daughter I did a lot of research on car seats and attended the Safe Kids seat check with my mentors Danielle & Tina. I just couldn’t imagine a child with low bone ossification being in an accident and sustaining injuries the way I did…and my accident was considered minor.

What is something about your business that sets you apart? We only have a few other practicing CPST’s in Jacksonville and they work through The Players Center for Child Health/SafeKids. I offer concierge, in-home education on car seat safety. We go over your seats safety features, proper harnessing and vehicle installation.

What is something about your business that most people might find interesting? I am the only business of this kind in Jacksonville and one of only a few in the country. (Something unique, interesting, different, etc.)

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?  Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know and to ask questions. There are hundreds of different vehicle and car seat combinations and we can’t know everything! But we have access to a network of people and manufacturers and if we don’t know someone is bound to!

For a little fun….

Where were you born? Riverside Hospital in Jacksonville, it doesn’t exist anymore

How did you end up in Jacksonville? Born and raised! Although we did live in North Carolina for 5 years while my husband was in the military

Where’s your favorite place to travel? We love to travel! I loved our trip to Costa Rica and hope to go back one day soon!

Where do you want to travel to next? We almost always have a “next” planned. I think it will be Lake Oconee

What are your hobbies? I do Pilates 5-ish days a week and am making it a habit to walk on the beach for some peace and quiet at least once a week

Do you have any pets? 2 dogs: a 10-year-old lab, Molly, and 6 month old crazy double doodle named Pretzel.

Do you have any interesting talents? No really LOL

Where can people find you at?

Check her and other awesome local vendors out on our Resources page.

Your website: latchonjax.com

Facebook: LatchOnJax

IG: @LatchOnJax

Professional headshots for Samantha were done by Christy Whitehead Photography.

Tag! Featured: Random Fandom Gifts

In an effort to feature local businesses during Covid, we are playing “tag”. We are asking local companies info about their favorite places. And then we ask some of the companies they tag about their favorites!

Random Fandom Gifts was recently tagged as a favorite by another local company so here they are:

Your name: Alexis Kaisharis and Rich Oliver

Where are you located: You can usually find us at Riverside Arts Market, but you can always find us on our website www.randomfandomgifts.com

Tell me about your business.

We hand make pixelated artwork, home decor, and accessories representing all kinds of pop culture across all medias. Our pieces can range from 100 beads to 10,000 beads; our biggest piece ever was actually 30,000 beads. Everything we make we do it with pure geeky love. We’re bringing geeky goodness to everyone, and our goal is to make everyone’s pixelated dreams come true!

Now that you’ve been tagged, tell me your favorites!


What is your favorite local restaurant for date night? Orsay

What is your favorite food place to go with family? Leaderboard Arcade

Who has the best sandwiches? Eddis & Sons

Best pizza? Pie 95 Pizza 

What toppings MUST go on a pizza? Cheese, Pepperoni, and Canadian Bacon

What should NEVER go on a pizza? Pineapple or any fruit, except tomatoes. 

Best Mexican? El Jefe

Best Chinese? Tim Wah Dim Sum

Best burger? JoyShtick

Best fries? JoyShtick

Best bar? Rec Room 

Best BBQ? Twisted Okie

Favorite food truck? Pie 95 Pizza and Fusion Food Truck

Favorite place to get dessert? 1748 Bakehouse


Favorite activity around town that’s free? Riverside Arts Market

Favorite activity/place to go, that costs money around town? The Cummer Museum 

Best local band or musician? The Fire Water Tent Revival


Best place to get a hair cut? Red Hot Looks

Best realtor? Lou Morales Realty, David Morales

Do you have any tattoos? Who would you recommend? Melaniinks at Dark Matter 


Favorite mom & pop shop? Darby’s Dungeon, Bellalina Bath and BelloBoopie 

Favorite side of town? Riverside

Favorite local event? Riverside Arts Market and the GAAM Show. 

What local charities do you like to support? First Coast No More Homeless Pets and JASMYN.  

What is the most underrated shop or company in North Florida that everyone should know about? Bijubee Jewelry, plus maybe also us lol

Best place to get married or have a big party? Congaree and Penn

Best place to get fresh veggies and fruit? Riverside Arts Market

Anyone we missed? All of the amazing artists in Jacksonville! Elena Ohlander, Chappy Lips by Leslie Valerio, Hypnoticat, Olivia Gonzalez (Garage Roses), and R.L. Pyro Art are some of our favorites

Where can people find you:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/randomfandomgifts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/randomfandomgifts

Website: www.randomfandomgifts.com

Email: randomfandomgifts@gmail.com