Newborn on bed of sunflowers, best newborn photographer
Family Photo Shoot with Jacksonville Jaguars player
Lion King Disney newborn
Baby Boy Sleeping Photo Shoot Duval County
Clean and simple basket newborn, fox outfit, Jacksonville
Little Doctor With His Sick Giraffe, Cute Newborn JAX
Hungry Hungry Caterpillar newborn styled shoot
Daddy & Baby Boy Photo Shoot Duval County
Newborn photo shoot with wedding veil
Jacksonville Florida Newborn Photographer Duval County
Little Sheriff Baby In Orange Park Florida
Sweet newborn with blue bear
Jacksonville twin photography, multiples florida
Beauty And The Beast Photo Shoot Newborn, Duval
Little girl on mommas wedding dress, lace
Baby on daddy's shoulder, skin on skin, classic
Little Mermaid Newborn Dreamy Photo Shoot
 Newborn Toy Story Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead
Mickey Mouse Newborn Holding Mickey's Hand JAX Florida
Newborn Baby Photography Christy Whitehead Photography
Tiffany Newborn Photo Shoot JAX photographer
Sweet Little Boy On Animal Print With Giraffe
Baby's head in parents hands on black
Newborn photo shoot, Christy Whitehead Photography
Gorgeous newborn black girl on floral pillow Jacksonville Florida
Fresh Out Of The Oven Baby With Apples In Pot
Little Fisherman Newborn Set With Boat, north florida
Dad and his two sons, newborn photography


We love creating special images that will be cherished forever.

Those first few days felt like the longest of my life. But before I knew it my oldest was in Kindergarten with a little brother not far behind her. It’s funny how when they’re this small we can’t imagine them not fitting in the palms of our hands.

We don’t think we will ever forget how tiny their hands and feet are. But we do. As hard as we try, there is nothing we can do to stop the inevitable. Nor will we be able to remember every detail.

I don’t know how many photos I’ve looked back on of my children and I just don’t remember them being that small--and it wasn’t sooo long ago! Even at one year old, it's hard to remember a time without them there or how they looked and acted just 6 months earlier!

Which is why I believe newborn photography and portraits with your family are so important.


We are a custom photography studio and some people prefer clean and classic while others like heavy props, lots of colors or themes. Most want a mixture.

Here are some galleries that have both of these styles

Clean and classic newborns

Themed newborn sessions


Christy Whitehead Photography is a custom studio and each pregnancy photo, newborn photography and milestone session is completely designed around you. Whether you just want to capture those moments in their simplest form and add in pieces of your personality, like what you do (police officer, military) or your favorite movie (Disney, Star Wars, etc) or something else, I’m here to help create priceless works of art your family will cherish for generations.

For the best possible experience and to ensure you get a spot on our schedule, please contact us while you’re pregnant to discuss which package would be best for your family.


No problem, shoot me an email or give me a call and I’ll try and work you in the best I can. I often photograph newborns up to 5 and 6 weeks old, without issue.


Newborn sessions are done in our spacious and clean studio and are $349.

Our Watch Me Grow plans include 3 or 4 sessions (depending on whether you would like a pregnancy portrait as well) as well as a free portrait sitting every year and start at $899.

First thing, VERY PROFESSIONAL. Such a sweet soul in and out! I enjoyed her company, the session EVERYTHING! My pictures came out BEAUTIFUL I love her.

--Nay W.


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