Cute milestone portrait of a baby at 6 months old.
Little Boy With Teddy Bears
Little Boy In A Boat Christy Whitehead Photography
Little Queen Baby Girl Photo Shoot JAX Florida
Baby Girl With Flower Headband Christy Whitehead
Cutest Little Baby Boy Mickey JAX Florida
Newborn Toy Story Themed Photo Shoot JAX
Baby Boy Christy Whitehead Photography JAX Florida
Newborn Girl With  A Hat Christy Whitehead Photography
Baby Firefighter photo shoot JAX Photography
Baby Wearing A Birthday Hat Duval County
Teddy Bear With Baby Boy Duval County Photography
Newborn Baby With Mickey Mouse Photo Shoot JAX
Newborn In White Outfit JAX Florida Photography
Little Baby With Disney Hat JAX Florida


Our Jacksonville based studio specializes in all the stages of babyhood from newborn to first year.

Christy photographs pregnancy, newborns and also all the sweet milestones, like:

  • 3 months (pushing their little heads up and finding their toes)
  • 6 months (sitting up, cute little booty photos)
  • 9 months (standing)

(Newborns and cake smash sessions both have their own pages on our site with information.)


Family portraits and milestone sessions are $299.

Typical sessions include:

  • Family portraits
  • Formal set and portrait of child
  • Playful fun set and portrait of child
  • 2-3 outfits

Great service. 100% recommended, specially for baby picture sections; she makes it looks as easy as breathing!!! She's a baby whisperer!! No joke! Very pleased with all aspects of the service.

--Richard M.


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