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3 Reasons To Have a Professional Headshot

It's Personal

A professional headshot on your website or “About Me” page gives it a personal touch. It allows potential clients to humanize your business, making you more relatable. With a headshot customers can put a face to a name and feel like they know the person they’re doing business with before they have ever met you.

It Makes You Look More Professional

Nothing competes with a professional image when it comes to make your website loook more professional. It shows clients right away that you have invested in your brand. Additionally, when you use the same headshot across all of your brand platforms it not only gives your clients the appearance of professionalism but it’s a constant connection between your image and your content.

It's Useful for Branding

Creating a cohesive brand requires more than the same logo across your marketing. It’s requires consistency across every facet of your business. From the materials you use to the fonts you choose to the tag line you develop. Even your appearance, and the way you present yourself both in the real world and online, are part of your branding. So make sure to put your best face forward with a professional headshot.

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