Cutest Little Baby Boy Mickey JAX Florida

Cutest Little Baby Boy Mickey JAX Florida

Playful Prop Ideas for Your Next Family Photoshoot

If you’re not too keen on the idea of a traditional, posed family photoshoot, adding props into the mix adds an element of fun to the shoot. Props allow you to be playful during the photoshoot as the photographer captures genuine moments between you and your loved ones.

Here are some of her suggestions and ideas.

-Love reading? Have each of your family members bring along their favorite book that can be incorporated into some of the shots. Lay on a blanket reading or have each one of your family members peep over the edge of their book. I’ve also done a photoshoot of my daughter at the library, looking through the books of her favorite author.

-Use the holidays. Christmas is a great time for your next photoshoot and there are so many options when it comes to choosing props. Have each family member wear a Christmas hat or wrap yourselves in Christmas lights.

-Bring out the chalkboards. Write a date or message on chalkboards of various sizes to incorporate something personalized into the shoot.

-Get cozy. If your children are still quite young, bring a few blankets along so that you can cuddle together as a family, share a few laughs and get some great pictures. Maybe use a family heirloom blanket, I know we have several my grandmother made in our home.

-Print out props. If you want to add some fun to the shoot and get your kids laughing, why not print out a few props such as mustaches, glasses, speech bubbles and hats that you can glue onto wooden sticks and use in the shoot. There are tons of free printables online or try Etsy.

-Frame your faces. Get a few frames of different sizes and colors together that can be used to pose for your next family shoot. I would probably pair this with either NO frame on the wall or a fun and funky frame, maybe even one from the photo.

-Keep it natural. If your family photos will be shot outdoors, remember that nature gives you so much to work with. Flowers, trees, grass and water all make for beautiful backdrops and add something extra special to your photos. Ask your photographer for suggestions for clothing. For example, beach photos work great with pastels and long flowy dresses.

-Incorporate something you love. We get a lot of Disney fans in studio. We have even done zombie family portraits. Talk about unique!

Need some help creating your own unique portrait session?

Christy has been in business for almost 20 years and her studio is packed full of backdrops, custom props and even outfits for your child’s smash session. I would highly recommend contacting her to set up your own session.