So, I recently left Bluehost for my website hosting after having serious issues time and time again with them and being lied to.

(I had a wordpress site with it being hosted on Bluehost and I was constantly getting hacked.)

I decided to put my website on GoodGallery and transfer my domains over to another company that was more reliable and affordable.

But there are SOOO many out there. And I need email forwarding and I prefer unlimited email storage.

I had to make a spreadsheet just to handle all the information and I figured I can't be the only one with this problem!





Email info


Do Shared Unlimited

5.95 mo for 3years, then $7.95 mo

$214.20, 1st 3 (equals $71.40 year)

$286.20, next 3 (equals $95.40 year)

Included on Shared Unlimited

· Unlimited email at your domain


SSL Certificate costs extra on most plans

With hosting

$51.96,1st year

$95.88 next

Only included 1st year

--------------------------With No hosting

$23.88 1st year, $60 year after

·Up to 400 email aliases

·5GB storage

·No forwarding


$4mo for 3 years, locked in after

$144 for 3 years

$144 after


· Email hosting for multiple domains

· Email forwarding, unlimited

· Domain aliases, unlimited

· Unlimited email storage


British company, price is in pounds, Guestimate on price

3 pds a month 1st year, then 6pds

$43.56,1st year

$87.12 next year

5 included

·5 emails

·2GB storage included


They do have a free plan.


$1 month

$12 a year

· 25 MB email attachments

· Email hosting for multiple domains

· Email forwarding

· Domain aliases

· Free mobile apps for iOS and Android


Get BabyPlan for multiple domains

$3.95 mo for 3 years, then $11.95 mo

$142.20, 1st 3

$430.20, next 3


· Email hosting for multiple domains

· Email forwarding, unlimited

· Domain aliases, unlimited


$2.99 mo, 20% off yearly for one site

$3.99 mo, 20% for yearly

3 websites

Not sure if SLL is included

Free email forwarding on all domain hostings


  • 100 email forward addresses
  • Catch-all email forward*
  • Up to 5 addresses for each email forward

One of the big issues was that I needed email for about 3 different domains. If you have a hosting plan (whether you use the website hosting portion of the package or not) that has unlimited websites, that usually isn't a problem and is often included. But if you're doing a basic plan or not doing hosting, you start hitting limits on what you are allowed to do.

So I ended up with my website being hosted by Goodgallery and I pulled all my domains over to NameSilo as they were the most affordable for renewals.

For emails, I went with Zoho. They do have a free plan, but you only get 5GB per user and you can only check your email on their website or in their phone app. I use Outlook on my computer and prefer to have my email transferred into there. So I went with their paid plan.

This information is good as of Sept. 2019, plans may change!

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