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Flower Fields Family Photo Shoot, North Florida

Simple Tricks for Looking Thinner in Portraits

I have found that even the skinniest clients have things about themselves they are self conscious about. But as a woman, I completely get it. We are our own worst critic, but there are small changes in how you pose for portraits that will help each person look their best and be more confident in portraits.

Some of these are great tips for when you do selfies or have someone else grab a quick snap of you as well.

1. Low angles are a no-no. Nobody looks good when they’re photographed from below. Necks and chins will be exaggerated. Photos taken at this angle make you look heavier, shorter and could look right up the nose—yuck! Instead, take photos from a side angle or from above.

2. The Turtle. It might feel rather awkward at first but try practicing moving your chin up slightly and your neck forward so that it accentuates your jaw. We often call this the turtle pose, just turtle your chin out there.

3. Clothing. What you wear plays a big role in how you look in photos. Avoid bulky or baggy clothing that doesn’t fit you well—this will make you look bigger. While darker clothes do make you look slimmer, if you want to go for brighter colors, stay away from any patterns that draw attention to your problem areas and always avoid horizontal stripes. Another good tip is, typically, the more skin you have covered, the thinner you’ll look. So if your arms bother you, cover them up!

4. Angles & posture. Straight lines are never too flattering. So looking straight on to the camera with your body is bleh. You will always look slimmer in photos if you twist your body slightly to create an angle. Place one leg in front of the other and keep your weight on your back leg—whatever is closest to the camera will always look bigger, so push that weight to the back. Put one hand on your hip and keep your other arm relaxed at your side, not pushed up against your body. To highlight your collarbones, stand up straight and push your shoulders back.

5. Sitting. If you’re sitting in a photo, try and cross your ankles instead of your legs. It makes you look leaner and shows less of your thighs. For heavier people, sitting down can sometimes make you look bigger, try standing.

6. Layer those photos. Taking a group shot? Try and stay away from the end of the group if possible as people standing on the edges of the group always look a little bigger. The people in front should be the smallest, the people in the back, the largest, both in height and weight. This will help balance out everyone’s body type.

Overall, just be confident. Practice your smile and posing in a mirror to figure out what you like. But be present in photos, those you love, want to see you!


Unlike other photographers, we actually have 4+ acres we can shoot on that is private and secluded, right here in Jacksonville city limits! Sometimes about June or July we get a nice patch of flowers growing.

This property also has plain fields and tree lined dirt roads.