Woman Hands Creating A Heart Over Belly JAX Florida
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Woman Hands Creating A Heart Over Belly JAX Florida

It amazes me how fleeting the pregnancy journey is but how profound of an impact it has a woman for the rest of her life. Birthing life is one of the greatest ways to influence the world and I love that women want to document it through maternity photos. But it's also pretty phenomenal in it's own right. 

5 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy 

  1. A woman’s uterus grows up to 500 times its usual size increasing in weight from just a couple of ounces to nearly 2 pounds. Then it begins shrinking back to its original size after childbirth! For reference, it starts out about the size of a peach and grows to the size of a small watermelon.
  2. Your baby gets fed before you do. (Trust us, this doesnt change once they’re out of the womb.) During pregnancy the nutrients you eat go to your baby first before passing over to you. 
  3. Those weird cravings you get a mostly an unexplained phenomena scientist haven’t been able to pinpoint yet. However some cravings can actually be a signal that your body is lacking certain nutrients like salt or iron. 
  4. Your feet can grow by up to one full size during pregnancy thanks to the hormones your body produces to soften ligaments in preparation for childbirth; in addition to swelling and water retention.
  5. The reason you have a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy is a protective measure to keep pregnant women from eating foods they shouldnt.

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