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Newborn With Heart Hat Photo Shoot Florida

If you have found yourself here, then congratulations are in order!

I know, for me, being pregnant and birthing a child was both exciting and crazy, whether it’s your first, your second, or even your fifth. And no, I don’t have five, even though, I am the eldest of five, two are enough for me!

Every pregnancy is different and every baby is a special individual deserving of celebration and special attention.

During the first fleeting moments you hold and touch your child, absorbing their beauty, you will begin attempting to commit each detail to memory. As your tiny infant lays on your chest you will marvel at their tiny fingers and toes and the way their eyelashes fan along chubby cheeks. And the first time those fingers wrap around your own? Momma, you will be a goner.

Over the next days, weeks, months and years your child will change before your very eyes. As hard as we try, as much as we wish, there is nothing we can do to stop this inevitable progress. Nor will we be able to remember every detail. Which is why I believe newborn photography is so important. As mothers this is a gift we give our self. So that many years from now when our children have children of their own we can still recall, through beautiful printed photographs, what it was like when our babies were that small.

As a newborn photographer I’m more than just a photographer. For two to three hours I’m a storyteller, a posing expert and even a caregiver. I work with clients to incorporate details beyond tiny fingers and toes. From mom’s love of Winnie the Pooh, to dad’s profession as a firefighter, or the tiny teddy passed from generation to generation I love to incorporate meaningful mementos. This is a once in a lifetime event that deserves to be handled with care and attention to detail because unlike other moments of childhood, this is one moment more fleeting than any other. Within just two weeks your newborn is already changing, growing and working on turning into the beautiful being they will be someday. Newborn babies seemingly change by the minute, the time to capture them is now.

Contact me before your baby is even born so that we may capture them as they are in this fleeting moment.

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