Baby on daddy's shoulder, skin on skin, classic

Baby on daddy's shoulder, skin on skin, classic

Jacksonville FL Professional Photography Studio

Cora on her daddy's shoulder. Love the skin on skin.

Choosing the Perfect Professional Photographer

Factors to consider before you pay that photography retainer/deposit.

Looking for the perfect photographer can be overwhelming. What style to pick? Who is likely to do the best job? Here are a couple important things to consider.

What style are you looking for?

Photographers have different styles so you need to decide on someone who can help you achieve the end result you are looking for.

For example, a lifestyle photographer is not going to shoot in studio. They will likely come to your home and get images of your family interacting, a bit less traditional.

Research and review.

Before you invest in a professional photographer you need to do your homework. Get online to find a few customer reviews, browse around their website to view their latest work and have a look around their social media pages to find out what others are saying about them. These platforms will also give you a good idea of their personality and style. Some other important points to consider when researching photographers are:

1.Budget. Do their services fall within your price range? Or do they have a payment plan?

2.Expertise. Are they experienced enough to give you the results you are looking for? Do they have two cameras, in case one breaks?

3.Location. Are they based in your area and are they willing to travel to a specific location if need be?

4.Quality. Is the quality of their portraits good enough? Look at aspects such as sharpness, exposure and saturation. Do all their images have consistency? Or are they all a little different coloring/brightness, like they might be a newer photographer?

5.Extras. Do they provide outfits? Cake? Do they have a backup plan if it rains?

Narrowing down your choices.

After you've taken a look around, narrow down the photographers who had the best reviews and whose style matches what you are looking for. Now contact those photographers, to discuss your needs and to ask any questions that you might have. It’s important that you chat with the photographer over the phone or request an in person consultation, to get a feel for their personality and who you'll be working with.

Make sure to pick a photographer that you have confidence in. You don't want to throw your money away on portraits you won't like.

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