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The Treasury lighting in st augustine

The Treasury on the Plaza in St. Augustine is an amazing wedding venue and has lighting built in.

But just in case The Treasury is booked, here's some lighting tips for you:

How to Glam Up Your Wedding With Lighting

Ask many people who have been to weddings what part of the day they remember best, and they will say the reception. The venue, the people, food, and drink can make your wedding memorable or just another event. But for a great evening to happen, the lighting must be well done, highlighting and matching the décor and theme.

As a photographer in Jacksonville, Florida, I have seen how lighting can set the mood for a great evening. Follow these tips to help set the mood and create a nice ambiance to your wedding photos.

Discover uplighting 

Have you been to a venue where the lighting seems to come from the grounds? This is uplighting, where lights are set in the ground around a venue’s outer edges like along the wall, or along footpaths. The lights wash over from the ground to the ceiling, setting the mood for the evening. There are LED uplights which can be easily set up and operated for different lighting themes. Some DJs rent them. Just make sure they have enough to cover your event and check the colors visually to make sure they can pull off the color light you would like.

Consider the venue 

Will the evening be spent indoors or outdoors? If you will be indoors, the lighting will be easier to do as it will be complementary to what is already in place, so you may need fewer units. They can be used more to create color.

For the outdoors, you have to do the lighting from the ground up. You have to think about not only ambiance--like string lighting, which is FANASTIC in photos, but maybe uplights around the perimeter to add color.

Choose according to your theme 

Lighting has a big impact on the way your décor theme comes out. Pillar candles will go well with a classic style wedding, lights in mason jars will go well with a rustic style, while RGB LEDs will work for a modern style wedding. You could ask the wedding decorator to make recommendations on lighting. If you're hiring a videographer ask them for advice as well as some lighting videos better than others.

Customize with GOBO lighting

GOBO stands fro Go Before Optics. This is the lighting that makes patterns, words, and monograms on walls and floors. You can hire an LED GOBO projector with a customized monogram to shine on the dancing floor or the wall behind the cake (but be careful you're not standing in front of it while cutting the cake as you wouldn't want a weird color or pattern on your skin!). Combine the GOBO with an uplight to illuminate the wall. A transparent GOBO can be used for more subtle lighting. Some DJs create these. A wedding planner can also help you get one.

Talk to the DJ 

Lighting and music go together. Your DJ will best understand the lighting that will go best with the music playlist for the evening. To make it easier, you can have the DJ deliver any additional lighting you need. Many events and stage agencies will have this in an affordable package.

Please note though, some DJS want to dim the lights down to almost nothing, which make the photo and video MUCH harder. We've also had issues with DJs doing little dot lights all over the bride and groom during their first dances. This is NOT good. Nothing ruins a great photo of the dad crying like pin lights all over him from the DJ's lighting.

When well done, a lighting theme can make your venue glamorous as well as set a great mood for the evening and create even more beautiful photos.