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What is the Best Wedding Dress for a Summer Wedding?

How should the bride dress for a summer wedding? Traditional wedding dresses can be stiff, heavy and multi layered. You don’t want patches of perspiration appearing under your arms or on your back, so what kind of wedding gown should you choose to stay cool?

White or very pale colors are great in the heat. White radiates heat out instead of absorbing it. That is why many desert tribes wear white clothes and white head coverings. So you can stay with white but, choose a lighter fabric if you wish.

One thing to remember is that stiff, lined fabric is not so likely to show damp patches even if you are very hot. The lining will absorb it. So in fact, it can work very well to have a lining on your dress. Just be sure the lining is made of a more absorbent fabric than the dress itself. This will also help you to stay cool and comfortable.

If you prefer an informal summer wedding dress, you can choose any color or style. Many brides choose a prom gown style of cut with a long loose skirt in a floral design or single pastel shade, but a shorter dress is often preferred and there is no rule about the color. It is completely your decision.

Another advantage of choosing a dress that is not the classic wedding gown style is that it will often be less expensive. Even if you have it made exclusively for you, the dressmaker is likely to charge less than for a traditional gown and there is usually less fabric to buy. If you choose a ready-made dress you can set your own budget and spend as much or as little as you like.

Brides planning a beach wedding usually choose a shorter length dress to protect it against the ravages of sand and surf. You can maintain the look of a white wedding gown but with a slightly shorter, less full skirt, or you can have something more informal.

Of course, when it is your wedding you cannot do what you would usually do and look out the window or check the forecast to see the weather before deciding what to wear. You only have one chance to choose your wedding dress, you have to get it right and in most cases you have to do it months before the wedding.