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Special Dances and Games to Spice up Your Special Day

To make your wedding day memorable, you have to enliven it with fun activities. This is the only way to create indelible memories among your guests. If you are in Jacksonville, Florida there are various exciting games and dances which you can use to spice up the event. These activities not only hype up the guests but also make the ceremony interactive and memorable.

If you are worried about how to give an edge to your wedding, consider the following simple yet effective activities:

1.“I Spy” Wedding Game

It is exciting for the guests and also provides memorable photos for your album. You need to add instructions on your ‘I Spy’ table cards advising guests to use their digital cameras to capture and share memorable moments during the ceremony. While your Jacksonville, Florida Photographer focuses on the more formal activities, you will have many other lenses zooming and capturing incredible moments. These can then be uploaded on a platform of your choice.

2.Burlack Sack Races

Sack races are a classic fun activity which you can add to your wedding. You can get the groomsmen to race and while at it, as your wedding photographer, we'll make sure to capture all the laughs and fun for you to remember for years down the line. This is one activity that elicits a good time at any event.

3.The Shoe Game

For this game, you need two chairs placed back to back. The bride and groom will sit on each chair, remove their shoes and swap one such that they are holding one of each. Intriguing and fun questions are then asked and the groom and bride raise the show which corresponds to the right answer. For instance, ‘who is the best driver?’, ‘who is better cook?’ etc. The hesitation and conflicting answers is exciting to watch and guests have lots of fun.

4.Generation Dance

The DJ invites all couples to the dancing floor and start the session with a beautiful romantic love song. The DJ then requests couples married for less than a year to leave the dance floor and then those married less than 2 years and so on. The couple that remains on the dance floor finally gets a dance with the bride and groom. They also give advice to the newlyweds.

There are many other games and dances; board games, Guess Who?, mad libs, drinking games, booklets to fill in, Giant Jenga, corn toss sets, Bowling, Horseshoes or Ring Toss to mention but a few. As these activities continue, you should have the best photographer in Jacksonville, Florida at hand to capture these fun moments.