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Kiss on forehead at World Golf Hall of Fame

5 Reasons Why You Need to Consider a First Look on Your Wedding Day.

Meeting your spouse before the wedding was once considered a bad omen, but as Jacksonville, Florida photographers for many years we continue to realize that weddings with a first look normally go a lot smoother. This trend of couples seeing each other before the wedding ceremony is becoming more and more popular today for a number of reasons.

It Helps Calm the Nerves

If you’re the kind of a person that gets anxious easily or nervous around the crowd, then a first look is a great option for you. Many couples will feel more relaxed, happier, and they will calm each other’s nerves down and as a result, they look and feel relaxed for the rest of their wedding photos.

Look Your Best - Fresh Outfits, Fresh Faces

Another benefit of having a photo session before the main ceremony and reception is that you look great at this time with fresh dress and suit. Both of you will look stunning all day, but a first look will capture you when everything, including your makeup, hair and outfits are still freshly done. And if you cry, you can get touched up before walking down the aisle. 

You Get That Alone Time

First looks are extremely amazing and offer a sense of closeness for just the two of you. The remaining part of the day will be filled with friends and family who are eager to share their excitement and love with you. A first look ideal to get through with your couples photo session before inviting your friends and family for a group photo session.

You Get More Photographs

Setting up a photo session before the wedding ceremony with a first look, allows for more gorgeous photo opportunities. Additionally, first look photos are so emotional and romantic because they are filled with raw emotion. These photographs will be cherished forever, so the more photos the better.

Get More Time to Spend With Your Guests

Later in the day when transitioning from ceremony to reception, a first look will save you time. With all of your couple’s photos done, you will have more time to celebrate your magical day with your guest. We’ve had some couples do all their formals before the wedding and then they get to enjoy their cocktail hour. This is rare and I don’t always recommend it (because of lighting, etc) but you should ask about it, if you’re interested.

There will be plenty of special moments to capture on film during your wedding ceremony and reception.There will be many chances to catch a reflective tear and lingering glances, but only one first look. Ensure that it does not slip away.

Location: World Golf Hall of Fame, St. Augustine Florida.