Groom has some major swagger in this sparkler exit
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Groom has some major swagger in this sparkler exit

This was a super fun wedding down at the beach with Coastal Coordinating. Here's some info from a recent interview with local wedding planners:

Have you ever had to sew a bride into her dress?

Lisa Burnett: I have and to repair some bustles for brides, but I have had to sew bridesmaids into dresses.

Heather Canada: We have had to sew plenty of brides and bridesmaids into their dresses.

Tanya Hendricks: Yes, I have sewn brides and bridesmaids into their dresses on more than one occasion.  Zippers are being made of plastic now and break so easily that it is more of the norm to have to sew up a dress than not.

But that’s what the venue coordinator is for right?

Heather Canada: Venue Coordinators…. We love them.  We need them.  A venue coordinator’s role is to oversee the venue.  Pretty simple!  This includes overseeing the wait staff and food service, making sure the venue is set up correctly, and maintaining the safety and security of the venue and the guests.

Our role (in most cases) is more hands-on with the brides – we are helping select flowers, design the cake, choosing invitations.  We help her ensure that the entire event, from the save-the-date card to the thank you notes, is cohesive with the same look and style throughout.  On the wedding day, we are there to protect the bride and groom by being their eyes and ears.  We can make sure that they actually receive everything they have contracted, and make sure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Tanya Hendricks: They may put together a simple timeline for the venue’s benefit (not the bride’s).  Our timelines are usually anywhere from 5 pages on… We are also there for the emergency cake that does not arrive.  We are there to sew the girls into their dresses.  We are there to go pick up the linens when it’s realized they are short one.  So many other what if’s we take care of that a venue coordinator will not.