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Weddings Rings Demystified: Types and Choosing the Right Ring Made Easy

The hassle of finding the right engagement ring and more importantly the wedding ring makes the fright of making a proposal fade in comparison. There are so many factors to consider. If you are in the process of choosing a wedding ring, no need to worry. Just keep reading.

Wedding Ring Types

You can search the internet or at your local stores for these varieties with jewelers or other professionals in the wedding industry such as photographers, wedding planners among others.

Wedding types are categorized into:

Metals types: You can choose from among diamond, platinum, white/rose/ yellow gold, silver, sapphire, palladium, titanium, tungsten or steel. However, diamond remains the most popular metal for a wedding band and your Jacksonville, Florida Photographer from Jax Photography can capture magnificent photos of the stone from different angles.

Ring setting/styles: These include pain wedding bands, eternity rings, pavé diamond rings, shared prong diamond rings, illusion setting, channel setting, bezel setting, bar setting, tiffany style among others.

Profiles: You can choose a wedding ring in court, halo, concave, flat or flat court profile and D-shape among others.

Wedding ring finish: Common finishes include mirror, fine matt, hammered, course matt, sandblast and stardust among others.

You can also choose to engrave your wedding rings to give them a more personal style. Customization of your rings also gives them more relevance and adds value to the ring.

Buying the Right Wedding Ring

With so many options in the market, buying the right wedding ring can be an overwhelming task. To get it right, consider the following:

1.Narrow down your choices: Agree as a couple on what you need including the metal, style, color, setting and other main details.

2.Start the search early: Don’t wait till the last minute lest you end up with a poorly designed wedding ring. Remember your Photographer in Jacksonville, Floridawill be at hand to capture your ring and if it is not resplendent, the photos will ruin the memories.

3.Customize: Design rings that reflect your personalities. This way, they will be more treasured and loved.

4.Set a budget and stick to it: Don’t overdo it; keep it simple and remember the value of the ring is not in the cost.

5.Consider your lifestyle: Choose a ring that suits your day to day work to avoid damage or loss.

6.Go for a low maintenance ring

7.Size it right to wear it comfortably throughout the year.

With these tips, you can now go out and start your search for the idea wedding ring. Remember to pick a beautiful ring but also one that suits your lifestyle and pocket.