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A Variety of Wedding Bouquets to Flavor Your Look

One of the toughest things a bride has to do in the wedding planning process is picking a flower bouquet. To most people, the flower arrangements look the same but that’s until you visit a florist.

The choice of bouquet is critical as it accentuates the style of your bridal gown. The correct choice of wedding flowers instantly lights up your look and this will be a focal point of your dress. The wedding bouquet will take center stage during your special day and if you want to enjoy the memories captured by your photographer in Jacksonville, Florida, you have to choose wisely.

Well, there is so much to learn in such a short time and this can be overwhelming. If you are planning on visiting your local florist, it is important to get insight on the main types of bouquets you can choose from. Take a look:

1.Cascade bouquets

This is a beautiful arrangement of flowers which showcases a waterfall of flowers. Of course waterfalls are beautiful and you can picture this flower arrangement in your mind without even seeing an image.The top where you hold is thick and the bouquet thins out past your arms to a tapering narrow point at the end. These bouquets are glamorous and lavish and are ideal for elegant weddings.

2.Round or Posy

These are rounded and small enough to be held in your hands. They are wrapped using a ribbon and feature more flower blooms than greenery. The distinguishing feature is one focal flower or color theme which makes it easy to choose what suits your wedding color theme.

3.Hand Tied Bouquet

This is one of the most popular and versatile floral silhouettes for brides. It is a classic and common in local weddings. Your photographer in Jacksonville, Floridawill love capturing it from every angle and this will add color not only to the special day but to the photos as well. It is a bouquet style that is easy to customize depending on the style you wish to achieve.

4.Carmen Rose/Composite Flower Bouquet

This is a contemporary bridal bouquet which is highly customizable. It is made from hundreds of petals from different flowers to form one unique floral arrangement. It is highly specialized making it very expensive.

Other bridal bouquets to choose from include the shower bouquet, Nosegay bouquet (tussie-mussie), Presentation Bouquet, wrist corsage, biedermeier bouquet, pomander bouquet among others. Whatever bouquet style you choose, make sure it is compatible with your dress, dazzling, comfortable and durable. More importantly, find the best photographer in Jacksonville, Florida from Jax Photography to capture the bouquet in its full glamour.