Fun first dance with mom
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Fun first dance with mom

Fun Stuff for the Groom on the Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can leave the wedding couple under enormous strain. And the groom often gets wrapped up in the planning as well and can sometimes feel a lot of stress too. You could be worrying so much for the big day to go perfect such that you forget it is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Try these fun and games for a memorable wedding day.

Start off with a workout

If you are a workout fan, start the day with a 45 minutes session. This will give you time to think about the day, and put a few thoughts together. The endorphins kicking in from the workout will give you a natural high to start the day on a bright note. Help clear the mood and get you pumped up for the day!

Get a page 

This is your big day, and for once you can treat yourself like royalty. It would be awkward asking your best friend to shave your hair, or run certain errands, so hire help for the day. A page or an assistant can help your day go more smoothly without stress or running around. A wedding planner is a great idea as well.

Ride in in style!

Be different. Borrow a leaf from an Indian wedding tradition, the Baraat, and arrive on a white horse like royalty. Of course, make sure to arrive before the bride. Just make sure you're bride is cool with it. Check youtube for videos. But this is an AWESOME way to start the ceremony and get all the guests pumped up too!

Play a game 

The wait for the bride can get nerve-wracking. Play a multiplayer game with your groomsmen on your mobiles. A quick game of FIFA should have your heart racing. Some of our grooms play cards, watch the news or play video games.

Unique vows 

Why sound off the typical vows when you can get creative? Compose your own vows in a song or a poem. The guests can afford to hear 3 minutes of your voice. We've heard tons of fun and unique ones. Surprised your bride!

Prepare a dance performance

You will open the dance floor with the bride. We've photographed flash dances with the bridal party. We had a professional break dancer whose team performed at the wedding, that was lots of fun. We've had grooms plan a fun dance with their mother.

Be part of the entertainment 

Acrobatic performers and magic performances are an idea during wedding receptions. We've heard of belly dancers, cartoonists, henna artists, etc.

Surprise the bride and the guests by having a part in the entertainment. Ensure to put in the practice and get your part perfect. Make it short.