Dancing through sparkler exit
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Dancing through sparkler exit

We loved working this wedding at Epping Forest with planner Tanya Hendricks at Southern Charm Events.  Here's some info from a recent interview with local wedding planners:

A good wedding planner has an emergency kit, can you hint at some of the stuff that is in yours?

Lisa Burnett: Stain removers, lots of pins all types, double sided tape, medicines, fake rings, tape, socks, combs and brushes, mouth spray, bug repellant and ooh sooo much more.

Tanya Hendricks: Currently my emergency kit has a value of $600.00 with all the equipment we carry.  I used to say I had everything someone could need, however I have been asked for things and said to myself that I needed to add it to the kit.  Probably the most unusual thing in my kit would be WD40.

There are a lot of new planners on the market, why should a bride choose a more experienced one?

Lisa Burnett: There are no do over’s on your wedding day, and you wouldn’t want any one practicing on your special day.  Experience is priceless.

Heather Canada: No matter what training a bridal consultant has, the only real way to learn a majority of what we do is by doing it.  And unfortunately, newbie planners often practice on real brides, rather than shadowing an experienced planner.  I learn something new at every wedding – and I’ve done over 1,000 weddings in my career.  Imagine how much is left to be learned if you are a planner’s first wedding!