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Club Continental out front in gardens couple

Ways to Select your Wedding Colors in Jacksonville, Florida

Looking for wedding color ideas for your wedding photography in Jacksonville, Florida? One of the most important decisions couples have to make about their wedding is choosing a color scheme. Planning a wedding should be a rewarding and an exciting experience, you want to evade getting stressed with every decision. To make color decision easy for you, it is important to select colors that match the environment, get inspiration from your decorating styles and favorite colors, and select colors that work well together and complement each other.

Choose colors that match the environment

Begin by selecting a color that will match your wedding venue. Look at the venue’s decorations, drapery, and carpeting. If these are strong and bold colors, you may want to choose a complementary color scheme.

You can also select colors that complement the season. You can also select your wedding colors is to get motivation from the season you’re getting wedded. For instance, if you’re getting married in the spring, you can take inspiration from light pastel colors. For winter wedding, deep and dark color tone like bronze, copper, silver or gold are great for this season.Bright colors such as red, plums, blue, yellow work well for a summer wedding, while earth tones like amber, maroon, burgundy are stunning for a fall wedding.

In addition, remember that the colors you select can aid to create a certain mood. Red is associated with romance and passion, whereas yellow is often associated with happiness and joy. Select colors according to the tone or the mood you’re trying to create.

Look for Ideas Around You

Most couples have a certain preferred color that comes to mind when they think of their wedding day. For others, selecting their wedding colors is a daunting task. It’s good to pic a color you both like. You can get inspiration from both your decorating and wardrobe style.

Alternatively, browse through the web for ideas. Social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy has tons of example wedding color images and color combinations that you may like. You probably have attended various weddings in your life. You can get inspiration from these weddings if there is a color scheme that impressed you.

If you need more inspiration, you can consult your wedding photographer in Jacksonville, Florida for more ideas. At Jax Photography located in Jacksonville, Florida and serving the greater St. Augustine and Amelia Island, we have a vast experience in selecting wedding colors and we are ready to assist you come up with the right color scheme for your wedding.

Create your color scheme

Before creating your color scheme, research various color trends. Visit art galleries and read wedding magazines to explore different color combos.You can also visit our website photo gallery to discover the amazing wedding photos and color schemes for your wedding photography in Jacksonville, Florida.

While selecting your wedding color scheme is an incredibly important decision, it should be made as early as possible. Your wedding colors will largely depend on your wedding venue, season of the year your magical day is being held, and also the setting for your wedding.