Cigar bar at River House in St. Augustine
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Cigar bar at River House in St. Augustine

5 Incredibly Fun Ideas to Bring Your Wedding to Life

Weddings; what’s there not to love about weddings except of course the tedious planning and intricate logistics? This is the greatest day in your adult life and as a couple you want to pull off the greatest wedding of the year. Well, this is easier said than done. In fact, every other wedding you have attended was planned with such lofty aspirations.

What makes some weddings tick and others boring to the bone? It all has to do with the planning; everything should be simple and fun if you really want your guests to enjoy. Every Photographer in Jacksonville, Floridawill tell you how lively such events are and the quality of photos tells it all.

For the most memorable nuptials, you can adapt some of the following fun ideas which are bound to light up the big day:

1.Add A Cigar Bar

Yes, you didn’t see this coming and this is because it is unique and exciting. If you want to make your guests feel special, a cigar bar will work perfectly. It also adds a touch of class and flair to the event. This concept invites guests to get out of their comfort zone. Pick shorter cigars and make sure the location is private and secluded.

2.Invest in a Professional DJ/ Sound

Every aspect of your wedding setup should point to the guests that this is all about fun. Don’t just go for prerecorded music but instead hire a DJ who knows you. Your DJ should understand the kind of guests you have and must be bold enough to work the party up.Your song-list should be bold and danceable to ensure the dance floor is always vibrant.

3.Keep Kids in Mind

Talk to your team including the Jacksonville, Florida photographer and have them focus on kids throughout the day. Kids can be disruptive if not well engaged. Set their own designated area and arrange their own appropriate entertainment. The photos will be just breathtaking; nothing beats kids having real fun at your event.

4.Plan a Surprise Gig

This works magic and brings to life the entire party. This could be a popular magician, a salsa dancer, a musician or such any exciting performer.

5.Add your Love Story To The Aisle Runner

Personalize your aisle runner and make sure the photographer you hire knows about this in order to capture every aspect of the story. Your guests will love this and have even more interest in the event. These personalized aisle runners also add interest to your wedding photos.

Your first dance song or even your monogram help spice it up and make it custom.

So many ideas to light up your wedding; you just have to be bold enough to adapt and implement them.