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What cameras do you use?

I use Canon equipment. I'm currently using the Canon R, Canon 6D and the Canon 5D Mark II (this model is no longer being sold, but here's the newer version) but will likely upgrade soon.

I use all Canon lenses:


24-70 (My all around lens, great for in studio)

100 mm Macro

I'm not a wedding photographer OR I just want to take pics of my kids, what would you recommend?

I use Canon and I love it. There are some Canon camera bodies on the market that are much more affordable than mine, and if you're a mom, just looking for a good quality camera, something like this might be perfect.

The 70-200 I use can be pricey. It is ideal for low light, like at weddings. If you aren't doing weddings, this version is more affordable and might be a better option for you. If you're shooting sports, it's going to be a great lens to get that nice creamy background and sharp images.

When I went to Europe a couple of years ago, I used this 28-135mm lens, because I didn't want to carry much equipment and I wanted to keep the weight down. It worked out GREAT.

But if you want something that can handle low light a little better and is much better lens, this 24-105, would be good.

A great all around lens, is the 50mm. It doesn't zoom, but it's a great price and good for low light. Be warned, most people love this lens, however, I got one that didn't focus well, so I had to return mine. So if you seem to have issues with yours, return it. But for around $100, it's probably the best deal on a great a lens.

How do I get fancy pricing sheets made?

Check out Cracked Egg Design for a great selection of templates for pricing and products. This will make your work look polished. All my contracts are on there as well, from wedding to print release contracts.

Are there any classes you recommend?

For starters, Creative Live has a lot of great classes on different photography, marketing and other topics. Use my link to save $15.

If you want to make a living doing photography, I HIGHLY suggest IPS Mastermind.

I'm a new photographer, how do I become legal (NORTH FLORIDA)?

Here is the city's information for getting legal.

1-Locally, you need to apply for a new Business Tax Receipt and you go to 231 E Forsyth St. Suite 130 for that. You'll have to renew this every year, but they'll send you a notice to send in the money.
2- Get a Sales Tax Certificate from the Dept. of Revenue. 1-800-352-3671 or go to their website and register for the Sales & Use Tax
3-Register your business's name on

4-After that, I would suggest getting a bank account for your business. If you're registered on Sunbiz, this and your driver's license should be all your bank needs to create the account. I know Vystar has no fees for business accounts and will give you starter checks for free.

5-Consider joining an organization like the Professional Photographer's Association, they'll provide free education, legal assistance and more. If you would put me as a referral, I'd appreciate it! Join here.

*** If the business name is going to be different from the name on your driver's license, you have to register with Sunbiz first, then go downtown to the Forsyth Street office in the first task.

LLC, Sole Prop or S Corp?

I have been all three at one time or another. As a photographer, the only way I could see MAYBE being a Sole Proprietor is if you are shooting nature, objects of not much value, etc. Stuff that won't get you sued.

Being an LLC or S Corp covers your butt and makes it so that if you get sued, you won't lose your house, your car, etc. This is ESPECIALLY important if you're shooting people, like newborns of weddings.

For me, my tax guy said that an LLC was only really good for certain real estate deals and that I wasn't doing those, so an S Corp was most beneficial. You'll have to talk to your own tax person to verify for you. But if push comes to shove, maybe just go S Corp so you'll have more protection.

I found this info if it helps anyone.

I google searched where to register an Scorp and found many companies online that do it and set up everything for you, for relatively cheap. That's the route I took.

Where do I get Insurance?

I have two types of insurance, liability and equipment insurance.

Liability insurance helps cover me if someone falls in my studio or something were to go wrong at a wedding venue, etc. I personally use Auto-Owners Insurance aka Southern Owners Insurance. They write my policy through Donovan & Abercrombie. I pay about $138 a year.

Equipment insurance is for if anything breaks (you drop our lens, etc), is stolen, etc runs about $250+ a year. I have a $100 deductible. I get mine through Mercer Insurance.

I am a member of the Professional Photographer's Association and they have a company that provides "free" equipment insurance for it's members, but it's soooo crappy, that I pay for Mercer's insurance, listed above.

What Social Media Apps Do You Recommend?

I scheduled all my Pinterest posts with this app.

I suck at posting on Instagram, even if an app pushes the post for me to do. So I use this app, the company has people who manually post your stuff for you at the best times. $20 a month, I set it and forget it! You get $5 off by using my referral link.

Business Stuff I recommend.

I hate keeping track of my mileage and this app does it for you (uses your smart phone to automatically track where you go and you tell it whether it's business or personal). Use this link to get 20% off.

To make collages, layout albums, etc, I use BlogStomp.

Where Can I get My Camera Fixed Locally?

I'm hearing great things about FantasTec. Try them.

If you need your camera cleaned, calibrated or need to rent a lens or camera, try LensFly.

What next?

As a photographer, we are typically self employed which means no retirement. I signed up for Acorns, and had it linked to my debit card. Now every time I buy something the amount is rounded up to the next $ and the money is invested for me. I don't notice it gone, but I'm saving for my future--NO monthly fees.

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