Little Princess With Crown Photo Shoot Jacksonville

Little Princess With Crown Photo Shoot Jacksonville

Congrats on your baby belly and upcoming little one!

Below is some information about my studio and about how my studio is different than others you may have been to. For one, I offer a custom full service experience. Let me explain:

Before your session

Not sure what to wear to your session or exactly what you want? No problem, I can set you up with a free consult to come in and talk about your ideas, look at clothes, discuss products, and even send you sample links to clothing ideas, etc.

Your session
Christy Whitehead Photography provides a boutique experience where the entire shoot is custom designed around you, your interests and likes.

Every session typically consists of at least 3 looks.

With pregnancy sessions, I do aprx. 3 looks in studio (or nearby outside location, other locations, like the beach may be booked as well, but are considered on location). Portraits with other children and your spouse are welcome and included at no additional cost.

I carry several maternity dresses in studio in different sizes, colors and styles and you are welcome to borrow them.

Upon request, I can airbrush out stretch marks, etc. as needed for no additional charge.

We typically do these at about 34-36 weeks.

I photograph newborns up until about 5 weeks typically, as that’s when they sleep the best. The younger they are the better they typically are about different poses. After you book, I’ll send you a questionnaire that will help me get an idea for what you are looking for in a set—clean and simple or fun, colorful and custom made.

Newborn sessions are done in our large studio space. I have TONS of backdrops, sets and props to choose from (literally 1,000s of options). We do NOT go on location to someone's home for several reasons.

1-Many times, a client asks for something special or mentions something that we can incorporate into their session, but it's at our studio.

2-We have a storage ROOM filled with props, blankets, etc. And also all our lighting. This can be a LOT to carry on location.

3-No matter how many times we might say not to worry about cleaning, moms worry and try to clean a house before we get there.

4-It's less stress on you and us!

We try to do at least three looks. One of those is usually parents and/or siblings with baby. And the other two are typically a special request, like Mickey Mouse, or clean and simple.

After your session

Aprx. 2 weeks after your session, you’ll come in for your Ordering & Viewing appointment and see your images on our large screen (makes it easier to pick out your favorites!) At this appointment I’ll help you pick out the best images to send to grandma, and to hang on your walls.

If you need a head swapped (you’re smiling in one, but baby’s face looks better on another, I can fix that!), or acne removed or anything like that, I am there to help you and fix those things for you.

Want a wall grouping, but don’t know what sizes to do? Our software can take a photo of your wall and drop in your images so you can see them to size! I’ll explain how it works at your consult or session.

What comes with my package? What about digitals?

How many cds and images do you have on your computer that you’ve never printed out or haven’t looked at since you took them? How many have you lost? I don’t know about you, but if my house is on fire, I’m grabbing my photos, those are the memories I have of my family and children and I would be heartbroken to lose them.

I offer a print credit with each package. You may use this anyway you want—towards wall art or digitals.

Digitals may be purchased separately.

Social media files are included with every print purchase you make, complimentary!

Want free or discounted digitals? When you come in to your Ordering Session, we also offer a bonus program, where depending on how much you send you can get half off digitals or get all of them complimentary.

The best package is the Watch Me Grow plan and it is our most popular. Not only does it cover your child’s full first year, but it includes a FREE sitting during your child’s birth month every year.

There is a 4 session Watch Me Grow plan if you want to do a belly session with it as well.

If you book a Watch Me Grow or multi session plan, at your request I can put you on a payment plan to make it a little easier. This will stretch the payments over the year.

To book a session, there is a non refundable $100 retainer (that will be applied to your total) to hold your session.

I recommend booking newborn sessions PRIOR to birth so that I don’t overbook for that month. When you book, I’ll put your due date down as a tentative on my schedule and then once the baby gets here you’ll contact me to get the real session date and time booked.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Location: 514 Chaffee Point Blvd #9, Jacksonville, Fl 32221.