Incredibles Newborn Photo Shoot JAX Florida

Incredibles Newborn Photo Shoot JAX Florida

When you ask people what they would rescue from their burning house, the most common answer is “family photographs”. When hurricane Matthew hit Florida and we decided to evacuate my own car was loaded with only photographs that hung on my walls.

This alone, speaks to me about the role photography plays in our lives. It's a party of our history, it tells the story of our legacy - of their legacy - to our children. It's the reason there are thousands of photos filling our smartphones and sd cards.

It has a way of freezing time, perserving the past, creating memories where they often fail us as time moves on.

I've said it many times, and experienced mothers around the world understand, there are few moments in life as fleeting as childhood. Even fewer more fleeting that the newborn stage.

So taking advantage of any opportunities to take photos while you can. Within two weeks your baby has already started to change. They're more wakeful, more alert and they've already started growing out of their newborn appearance. Make the time to preserve this moment in your legacy now.

What is more special than a newborn baby sleeping peacefully? Honestly, it's a pretty short list. It's a photograph that captures the beautfy and innocence of a newborn baby. A photo that will bring back to memory the way their tiny outstretched fingers would curl around yours. The way you kissed their tiny button nose and rubbed your thumb over sweet baby toes.

Newborn photographer in Jacksonville, Florida.