Sweet Newborn Photo Shoot Duval County

Sweet Newborn Photo Shoot Duval County

Why Your Newborn Session Takes 2-4 Hours

When I tell parents how long a newborn session typically takes it tends to surprise a lot of parents. With the exception of your wedding day, most photography sessions only last about an hour, two hours max. So it’s understandable that parents would be surprises, that is until they’re in the newborn session and then they understand!

More time is spent soothing, adjusting, posing and transferring your baby than actually taking the photos. It’s important that babies remain both comfortable and sleepy during the session. In order to keep them this way it requires extra time and care. Additionally, babies can be just as particular as adults! It can be surprising to learn they have specific ways they enjoy laying, positioning they hands (open or closed), and how they like to be cuddled.

As an experienced newborn photographer I know how to work through these things but it does take time! Additionally, posing a newborn works up their appetite! So we will also take breaks for feeding and diaper changes as dictated by your infants needs.

When you factor in everything, two to fours hours flies by! But don’t worry. I also have a comfortable space for parents to relax during the process. You’re also welcome to beverages and snacks so use the time to catch up on some much needed relaxation.

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