Baby Momma With A Sunset Photo Shoot JAX Florida
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Baby Momma With A Sunset Photo Shoot JAX Florida

Trying to find something to wear is a struggle for many on a daily basis. Deciding what to wear for an important photo shoot while you're pregnant? It can feel nearly impossible. Especially once you factor in the raging hormones and occasional mood swings - not to worry, we've all been there.

Creating beautiful images, capturing the ethereal feeling of carrying a life inside, is a desire for all women seeking maternity photos.  No pressure, right? But we're here to help! 

Maternity Photo Clothing Guidelines

When in Doubt, Maxi it Out

Maxi maternity dresses are flatting for all body shapes - tall or short, thin or voluptuous, apple, pear or hour glass. It doesn't matter. They also come in a variety of tops with as little or as much coverage as possible. 

Bonus? The Maxi one of the most comfortable dresses. 

Opt For Solid Colors

Pregnant bodies or gorgeous. But certain prints and colors can take your belly from beautiful to blah. Opt for solid colors and avoid neons to keep the attention on your baby bump. Prefer to make a bigger statement? Use the cut of your dress or bold accessories to stand out. 

Bump Hugging Silhouettes

All women look and feel differently about themselves during pregnancy. If you're confident wearing more form fitting clothing to show off all your beautiful pregnant curves, check out bodycon maternity dresses.

They hug your belly in all the right ways and shows off your incredible pregnant body! 

Clothes that Reflect You

This beautiful momma is a teacher in her current life but she used to be a ballerina. She wanted some maternity photos that were a little artsy and inspired by dance. This silhouette turned out beautifully and gives nod to dance with it's flowing, feminine dress.

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