Man & Women Photo Shoot JAX Florida

Man & Women Photo Shoot JAX Florida

Drawn In Media is a video production company based in Jacksonville, FL. Right down the street from my photography studio actually! 

Utilizing the latest in camera technology, computer hardware, editing software and their 1,000 sq ft studio their team creates compelling videos for businesses both large and small.

From major brands like Amazon and BMW to law firms and universities across Jacksonville, their goal is to produce videos that stand out, draw in, and compel action.

They are also a premiere luxury wedding cinematography company here in Jacksonville. They've captured over 500 events and won 5 awards since their opening back in 2010. They also cover live events, corporate functions and studio cinematography.

When it came to photographing their team headshots it was important to capture their team spirit, can do attitude and professional, luxury brand. Bold colors matched their bold website branding and confident posing spoke to the confidence throughout their website. 

When it comes to photographing professional headshots of your team it's important to capture a team photo as well as individual headshots that compliment the team photo. Cohesiveness across social media platforms and your "About Us" pages are necessary. 

Let Christy Whitehead Photography ensure that your professional headshot speak to your brand and your ideal client. 

Location: 514 Chaffee Point Blvd #9, Jacksonville, FL 32221.