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Beautiful Woman Headshot Jacksonville Photography

I met Ashley Morton about a year or so ago and we hit it off fairly quickly. I recently did some headshots for her and I wanted to feature her business on my blog. She's a photographer, a military spouse and a mom.

Every photographer has their own specialties and styles. Ashley doesn't photograph newborns and she prefers a more story telling approach to photography, where as I'm more traditional.

How long have you been in business?

I officially launched my photography business 6 months after moving to Jacksonville and I'm going on my second full year in business.  
 How did you get your start?

Having a child was the catalyst for my photography passion but I actually got my start through blogging. In blogging, it's crucial to have engaging and interesting images in your content, especially when partnering with brands. So I found myself working hard to better my photography for work, which spilled over to my kids and the here I am today!
 What do you photograph?

I specialize in families, engagement and weddings.
 How do you define your style?

In my photography I combine traditional portraiture with documentary and lifestyle work. My images are vibrant in color but lean toward the light and airy.

What drew you to lifestyle photography?

I'm passionate about capturing children as they are and documenting the moments and relationships that matter in our lives. I felt like traditional portraiture doesn't leave a lot of room for this story telling experience and that's what drew me to lifestyle photography. I didn't realize it at the time but beginning my photography journey was the culmination of my life's passions: I'm a storyteller, a historian, a joy seeker. and a travel addict. Photography allows me to do & be all of those things. I believe in love & in family. I believe in documenting experiences today so that one day our grandchildren will open old & worn photo albums to learn about the history of people they love and where they came from.

What is a piece of advice you can give to newbies?

Pick up your camera every day, for yourself and for your business. Try everything. You will never know what genre or style is going to speak to your heart.


Jacksonville, Florida photographer. We specialize in newborns, families and corporate photography. Our North Florida service areas include: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina, Amelia Island, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Fleming Island, MacClenny, Middleburg, Maxville, Yulee and Callahan. For more information and to get a custom quote, please contact Christy directly. Christy Whitehead Photography, 514 Chaffee Point Blvd. #9, Jacksonville, Fl 32221 - (904) 891-0359