Product photography colorful loofahs

You may have a great product,

but bad photography can ruin a sale.

When you are selling a product online, photography is the first thing a client or potential customer notices and it sets the stage for what they can expect.

If you use cell phone photos or poorly lit images, the buyer will think that your company is amateurish or doesn't have it all together.

Clean, professional and consistent product photography tells buyers that you have your stuff together, you are successful, you know what you are doing and your products are professionally made.

There is an inherent trust built in to your product when a client sees that you have a polished look.

Product Photography

Our studio is equipped to shoot product photography in house or on location. In addition to jewelry and accessories, we can also photograph cakes, hotel rooms and more for company websites and catalogs. 

Christy Whitehead Photography Jacksonville, Fl