Amanda Raulerson Veil Planning owner
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Amanda Raulerson Veil Planning owner

I recently photographed Amanda Raulerson of The Veil Wedding Planning as well as The Veil Wedding Photography.

She owns the photography company jointly with her husband Landon Raulerson. 

I met Amanda a couple of years ago when I was working on the studio space I'm in right now. I made a call out on Facebook looking for some help to lay flooring and paint the walls. 2,400 sf is a lot of work! 

It was her birthday and she showed up with her husband and kids in tow. They worked for hours. I appreciated all their help so much. Especially from other photographers in our area that did NOT have to help, especially since they weren't being paid and I was their competition!

For that, I have always been eternally greatful to them. Some people act nice and genuine and then there are people who ARE that way.

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