Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a big deal. Weddings are a big deal. And your photographs are a memory of the biggest party you'll ever throw. They are images that will be cherished for years and generations to come. 

I hear sooooo many horror stories about people who trusted their images to a family friend or Uncle Bob and the photos turned out less than great.

On your big day, don't leave important details in the hands of unexperienced people or if something did go wrong it would cause a family rift. 

Weddings have constantly changing lighting situations and lots of hurry up and wait. A good photographer should have experience in dealing with different lighting situations, as well as have professional equipment that can handle low light.

Our studio is licensed and insured (if our cameras broke or were stolen our insurance replaces them, most newbies would not be able to do that) and we carry at least two cameras to your event. Our secondary photographers also carry their own cameras and equipment.

I would urge you NOT to hire a photographer that didn't have a minimum of two cameras, we've had cameras just stop working (electronics can be crazy!) or that have broken during a wedding. But we've always had backup gear and so our brides always got the best result. 

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