Family Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead Photography JAX

Family Photo Shoot Christy Whitehead Photography JAX

Tips for The Best Maternity Photos

What to Wear:

The cardinal rule is to wear clothing that makes you feel beautiful. When you feel confident it shows in your photos. Start with good undergarments! A well-fitted bra and supportive maternity shape-wear will make anything you wear look better. After that, you can consider these wardrobe tips here. Or browse through this gallery for more inspiration.

The Details:

Hiring a professional for hair and makeup on the day of your shoot can be a great idea.  A great makeup artist knows what products to use for camera and can do any look you choose from completely natural to more dramatic. Both pregnancy and photoshoots are great reasons to pamper yourself! Use it as an excuse to hit up the spa for a mani and pedi the day before your shoot. Not only will it help you relax before your shoot but these little pick me ups are natural confidence boosters! That being said, we don’t recommend choosing looks too far outside your norm. You want to feel like yourself, only more polished.

Avoid wearing clothing that is too binding the day of your maternity photos. This way you can avoid skin indentations if you choose to do any bare-belly photos.

Include Your Family: 
For some women, the maternity session is about their journey into motherhood. For others, they want to include their partner, their other children or even their fur babies.

If you choose to include your partner or sibling, make sure to coordinate with your outfit selections. Remember to make moms clothing selections first, and then everyone else! The rule of thumb is coordinating but not matching. If you’re wearing jewel tones, dress them in jewel tones. If you’re wearing neutrals but them in neutrals. Just don’t put everyone in the same thing.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to take photographs with your family first - especially kids and pets. At the beginning of the session everyone tends to be more cooperative. Once they’re done a friend, babysitter or grandparent can pick them up. This will allow you (and your partner) to complete the experience relaxed.

Choose Your Products:

Consider the types of products you may want to purchase. There are a variety of artwork options from canvas and metals to framed prints or albums.

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