Dakar Band

Band Portraits in North Florida

If you are a band looking to stand out from the crowd and be taken more seriously in the music scene, professional photography will help you achieve that.

This page is an example of what I've done for the Murray Hill based punk band Dakar. Every band photography session is different, based on the band's individual needs and goals. For Dakar, they needed a professional look to separate them from the average garage band. They also were severely lacking content on their social media pages and website.

With them, I did a session in studio, in the recording studio and then I've photographed them multiple times in concert.

In Studio Portraits

Dakar wanted something clean and professional that they could use as the face of their social media and also some individual shots they could pull for individual bios or use wherever.

In Concert Portraits

These images were taken at 1904 Music Hall in downtown Jacksonville. Some venues work much better for that nice colorful well lit band in concert photo and they are a good spot.

Recording Studio Portraits

The band recorded some songs at a recording studio. For those images we went completely black and white, no flash--all natural light, a little more gritty.