Little Rainbow Baby in Jacksonville
Little sheriff baby in Orange Park florida
Little mermaid newborn in dreamy painted image
Newborn boy on clouds and moon
Little princess with crown on peachy pink
Little Jacksonville Jaguar newborn on gold with teal
Baby on daddy's shoulder, skin on skin, classic
Little fisherman newborn set with boat
Sweet smiling face wrapped up on floral background
Newborn details in B&W, little spikey hair
Mickey Mouse newborn holding Mickey'shand
 Newborn on white chair, baby chicks, tan background
Little girl on mommas wedding dress, lace
Fresh out of the oven baby with apples in pot
Siblings portrait in B&W with brother kissing newborn
Brother sweetly looking at camera while holding sibling
Little boy on his hands, geeky glasses and vintage hat

I'll never forget the moment I became a mom.

Pregnancy and birthing a child, is an incredibly exciting time in your life whether it’s your first, your second, or even your fifth.

From the moment they placed my daughter on my chest, everything changed. That was the moment I understood what it’s like to have your heart outside your body, what it means to fall in love at first sight.

Out comes this tiny human with 10 tiny, perfect fingers and toes and my heart just starts tripping all over itself. And the first time those fingers wrap around your own? Believe me, momma, you will be a goner.

Those first few days felt like the longest of my life. But before I knew it my oldest was in Kindergarten with a little brother not far behind her. It’s funny how when they’re this small we can’t ever imagine them not fitting in the palms of our hands.

We don’t think we will ever forget how tiny their hands and feet are. But we do. As hard as we try, as much as we wish, there is nothing we can do to stop this inevitable progress. Nor will we be able to remember every detail. I don’t know how many photos I’ve looked back on of my children and I just don’t remember them being that small--and it wasn’t sooo long ago!

Which is why I believe newborn photography and portraits with your family is so important.

Without photographs I would forget the way my son looked when he use to curl up in the tiniest ball. Or how small my daughter looked against her dad’s chest. One day, I’ll never be able to imagine them as anything but 5 or 10 or 15. As mothers this is a gift we give ourself. So that years from now when our children have children of their own we can look back through these photographs together and remember what it was like when our babies were that little.

And one day, those photos, those albums will carry on to our own children’s homes, so they can remember how little they were, how young we were and ultimately how much they were loved.

Christy Whitehead Photography is a custom studio and each pregnancy, newborn and milestone session is completely designed around you. Whether you just want to capture those moments in their simplest form and add in pieces of your personality, like what you do (police officer, military) or your favorite movie (Disney, Star Wars, etc) or something else, I’m here to help create priceless works of art your family will cherish for generations.

For the best possible experience and to ensure you get a spot on our schedule, please contact us while you’re pregnant to discuss which package would be best for your family.

Your little one already here?

No problem, shoot me an email or give me a call and I’ll try and work you in.

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