Location Inspiration & Ideas

Location Inspiration for Your Child’s Upcoming Photo Session

Our studio does both studio and on location photography. Most children do just fine in the studio, but if you aren’t sure, here are some tips and ideas.

  1. Choose a location that’s special to you. Perhaps you want photos of your children in that place where your husband first proposed to you or even where you got married. Jot down a few locations and that mean something to you and your family. We get a lot of beach family portrait requests, especially from those who haven’t lived here their whole life, like military families.
  2. Decide on the purpose of the photo session. Are you looking to mark a milestone? Or perhaps you’re just looking to get a few updated photos of your children or family. For example, choosing the studio would be ideal for a cake smash, but a field or backyard might be more ideal to show off the season or to get something more natural.
  3. Think lighting. While you might not always be able to have the photo session outside, try and choose a location that offers good natural lighting if possible. Or at least lighting that isn’t too harsh as this will really make a difference to your images. We can help you think about locations.
  4. Give yourself options. It’s always nice to be able to work with a variety of backgrounds when shooting photos of your children, especially if you are planning multiple outfit changes. Some locations lend to different outfits and different looks more easily than others. A shoot at the beach can be hard to accommodate clothing changes.
  5. Keep safety in mind. While taking a photo in a unique location would make for great photos, rather think about the surroundings and whether there is anything that might endanger your child before you arrange your shoot there. Railway tracks are an example of this type of location. Train tracks are also illegal to shoot on.
  6. Look closer to home first. Before you scout for locations in your area, you might actually find that you have the perfect photo spot right in your own backyard.

Still not sure? Shoot us an email. Some sessions, like newborns are best done in studio. Cake smash as well. But we may have ideas for an on location session if you are stumped. If you are booked with us and on the fence about your backyard or nearby location, email me some photos—I have gotten great results from even parking lots!

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