Do you do....

(Noone person can excel at all genres of photography. They each have their own poses and skill set needed. I refer out to other photographers the types of sessions I prefer not to do for one reason or another.)

Birth photography?

I do not. Birth photography requires a photographer who does NOT shoot weddings (what happens if you go into labor while they are at a wedding!?) and can set aside the two weeks before your due date and after to wait until you go into labor, this means, they don't plan to go to Disney World during that time and don't mind leaving in the middle of a movie. Birth photographers should have good quality equipment that can handle low light situations. They should also have a flexible schedule. If you are a client of mine and need a birth photographer, let me know and I'll refer you to some good ones.

Boudoir photography?

There are different types of sexy photo photographers--pin up (a little more vintage), boudoir (more modern, usually in your bedroom or at the studio, but not on a paper backdrop), etc. They should know how to pose women to make sure their best assets show and hide the things you are self conscious about. I highly recommend American Vixen Boudoir and trust her as a referral for my clients.

Drone photography or videography?

No. You need to have a license to run a drone for business purposes. Ask before you hire someone.

Real estate photography?

I only shoot buildings that are related to a corporate or office shoot. I don't shoot homes. If you need a real estate photographer, I'd be happy to refer you to someone.


I do not. I don't trust people that say they do both. For corporate photography, I recommend Drawn in Media.

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