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Sweet Mother Daughter Photo Christy Whitehead Photo

Moms do every day ordinary things all the time that truly are awesome, and somehow it all gets chalked up and filed under “that’s just what moms do.” But moms, we hear you and we see you. You’re amazing and you deserve to be photographed with your children so they can see how amazing you are too.

Awesome Things Moms Do Everyday

  1. They can super clean the entire house 5 minutes before unexpected guests arrive.
  2. They’re keepers of secrets and chasers of bad dreams.
  3. They can always get the kids where they need to go no matter the tangled schedule.
  4. Not to mention they’re great at driving here and there and everywhere - and back again.
  5. Remind you to wear your coat..and your hat..and your gloves.
  6. Cook the BEST meals. Even if those meals are met with sour faces. Even if sometimes those meals are just mac and cheese.
  7. They can negotiate and bribe like no one’s business.
  8. They’re expert toddler tantrum diffusers.
  9. Survive on little to no sleep for the sake of their newborn, toddler, threenager, or teenager - really it never ends.
  10. Know when it’s not going to hurt to say yes just this once.
  11. Are not afraid to pull out the hair brush and dance with their kids in the kitchen just because.
  12. Hide chocolate really, really well.
  13. Find the thing that no one else can find in the entire house.
  14. Locate the one pencil in the house that works during homework crunch time.
  15. They believe in their kids and their dreams.

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