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Quick Tips for Photographing Your Own Kids

How to take great photos of your children.

As a parent we feel that we can never take enough photos of our children but sometimes it can be difficult to get a really great shot.

Local family photographer, Christy Whitehead, shares some ideas and tips to get the best possible result from your family snapshots.

1.Try and stay away from asking your kids to pose. Instead, be around to capture the emotions they display in a moment. Take them to the park and be ready to catch some fast images of them as they smile and run around. Maybe they’ll sit down on the slide for a second and you’ll get a great shot of them that way.

2.Get down to their level. If you’re photographing very small children try and get down to their level to photograph them. This angle gives you a more interesting background too. Or if they are little and laying on their back, stand above them (but make sure your camera is tethered to you so it doesn’t accidentally drop!) for another unique angle.

3.Have a conversation with them. Having a conversation with your child about their favorite superhero or their best friend at school will make for some interesting facial expressions. You could even have them sing along to their favorite songs for extra fun photos. Sometimes a grouping of different facial expressions would make a great collage.

4.Use unique locations to your advantage. If you have planned a walk in the woods or a day at the beach, take advantage of your unique surroundings to capture some great pictures. Guide your kids to a big seashell and photograph them discovering it.

5.Avoid midday sunlight. Lighting makes a big difference in photos so aim for early morning or evening light for outdoor shots and open windows and doors for indoor shots.

Christy has been in business for almost 20 years and has an awesome studio packed full of backdrops, custom props and even outfits for your child’s portrait session. I would highly recommend contacting her to set up your own portrait.


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