2 More Reasons To Photograph Your Pet

We've covered the 3 main reasons to photograph your pet. But here are just a few more to win you over, incase these cute animal photos aren't reason enough!

Pet Photography Is Art.

We're not talking about deparment store art on the walls. We're talking about unique and personalized art. Instead of filling your home with artwork made by people you don't know, showcasing objects or places you have never seen before, why not fill it with people, places and pets that you love? Portraits of your pet can be fine art. Taken here in the studio and printed on archival quality canvas, metal or even wood! You can also opt for classic framed prints.

You need a Professional.
If you're like most of us, you have snapped thousands of pictures of your pet being their silly, adorable self on your phone. But how many of those photos would look good printed? How many of them are blurry, out of focus or poorly lit? Of the photos worth printing, how many do you actually have printed and hung on the wall? The answer is probably, not many. 

You might take some great photos, but they still won’t have the professional touch to them. As a professional photographer I'm not only going to supply you with photographs you love, I'm going to supply them to you on artwork that will hang in your home for years.

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