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Portrait Photography Styles Explained

When it comes to hiring a photographer you need to choose a photographer whose style and ideas match what you envision. Each photographer will specialize in a forte and favor a certain style when they shoot. If you want something more traditional you wouldn't want a photographer that prefers to shoot documentary styled portraits.

This tends to be an overlooked factor when it comes to hiring the right photographer and understanding the different styles will help you get the style of photography you want

The Basic Styles of Portrait Photography

  • Traditional

Traditional portraits are classic images where the main subjects are posed and fully aware of the camera. They can be formal for more professional images or informal for senior, kids, or head shot portraits.

  • Environmental

These types of portraits are one of the most common for business professionals. Environmental portraiture photography captures the person in their natural environment. Whether that is in the kitchen of a restaurant, behind the desk at the office or in a dentist office. These images are planned out and often staged to allow for the surroundings to enhance a characteristic of the main subject. They are often more traditionally posed, but with a background that helps tell a story.

  • Candid

Candid portraits are taken in the moment and are very similar to journalistic shooting. Typically the subject is not aware that their images are being taken with little to no interference from the photographer. Candid portraits are often common during events or weddings. These images tend to capture the more natural emotions of the subject and surroundings. You could also do portraits on the playground or the beach of your child just running around being themselves.

  • Glamour

Glamour portraits are more stylized focusing on the physical appearance of the subject. These types of images usually have a team on hand and various lighting setups and equipment. Glamour shots tend to give off a more romantic appeal.

  • Lifestyle

Lifestyle is sometimes used for editorials, fashion, family, engagement, and weddings. These portraits capture the sense of living style from the subjects. Lifestyle portraits can often be a combination of other styles like environment and candid. For a lifestyle family session, the portrait may be done in the client’s home, maybe on the family bed, with everyone cuddled up together or playing.

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