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By now most people know that social media profiles (personal and professional) are heavily scrutinized by both clients and potential employers. We know what is and isn't acceptable to posts. But what about other rules? How often to update your skills, training and accomplishments? (Immediately.)

 And what about that professional headshot? Your profile photo, which is typically your headshot, is one of the very first things people notice about your profile. It's how those who engage with you become to know your face.

When it comes to the topic of updating your professional headshot, the first thing to ask yourself is "If someone saw be on the street would they be able to recognize me based on this photo?" If the answer is no, then its definitely time to update your headshot. The only thing worse than no headshot, is one that's severly outdated.

When someone comes to meet you for the first time and realises you don't look anything like the image they've come to reprsent you, they can think your hiding your age, or worse, not staying current in your brand.  

5 More Signs It's Time to Update Your Headshot:

  • You have gained or lost weight
  • Wearing glasses/ had lasik
  • Changed your style
  • Your headshot no longer fits your brand
  • Drastically changed your hair (long to very short or vice versa) 

Ultimately,if you feel like your headshot is not an accurate representation of yourself or your brand, it's time to update.

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