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Blue & Red Head shots JAX Photography

Tanisha may be a member of the military and own her own business, but I also wanted to know some fun stuff about her:

Now, some fun questions:

What is your favorite thing to do around Jacksonville? The beach Duhhh (:

When your family comes to town, what is something you guys always have to do while they are in town? Spend quality family time together! Game night, cook out, shopping, and making a trip to a theme park!

What’s your favorite movie? Menace II Society

What’s your favorite song? Bob Marley - Is this love

What’s your favorite food? Brown rice! Peaches and Mangos!

Favorite dessert? Molten lava chocolate cake

Favorite restaurant? Burger Fi (I love the veggie burgers)

Favorite place to hang out in Jacksonville? (Down town Jacksonville) I love the scenery, food places, and the different scenery!

What’s your current obsession? (tv, movie, product, whatever) I love to travel and see the world! I'm obsessed with seeing the world and meeting people I have never met before to learn different cultures and customs!

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