Black on black Headshot In Studio JAX
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Black on black Headshot In Studio JAX

I love this photo of Alejandro. He has a great natural smile and a jacket that he looks great in. Which brings up two great points.

First, people hire individuals, not companies. When someone is looking to hire a business they want to hire you, not a team of faceless individuals. Whether people like it or not, we make judgments based on shallow things like photos.

A professional photo puts out a professional image of your company and customers will trust you more. But it's important that you look more than professional, approachability is key.

Customers want to feel like they can relate to you, a genuine smile is a great way to connect through your headshots. It sends a very powerful and positive message to your client, which increases the perceived value of your business.

Likewise, a poor presentation could make you lose customers. 

Second, it's so important to choose articles of clothing that fit you well, and make you feel comfortable enough to exude confidence. Ill fitting clothing often makes us feel insecure and we try to compensate by adjusting our posture to hide problem areas. 

This discomfort also tends to travel to our faces and is clear in photographs. Alehandro made a great choice with a proper fitting jacket and a slightly unbuttoned dress shirt. He looks both put together and relaxed. Professional while being approachable. A winning combination for sure. 

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